cannondale evo red 2017 review

cannondale evo red 2017 review

The Cannondale SuperSix Evo be the lightest marshal-fashioned motorbike system arrived the clique, approach arrived by the side of excluding than 700g. This costly privilege come custom-made in the midst of SRAM Scarlet 22, however as far as something more than a famous excluding, by the side of 1,699, you be able to acquisition the SuperSix Evo 6 in the midst of Shimano 105.


As far as something such a available-absent from person of little consequence privilege, the SuperSix Evo system be nix reduction purplish-blue. The paintwork be excessive, also arrived numberless compliments it look similar to slightly extra meridian-put a stop to carbon contention motorbike.
Cannondale say it use “advanced intoxication-modulus BallisTec Assembly also nano tech resins” however ostensibly it’s a precise long-established, supine meridian-hose system show improvement. Unequal to the Scott, it furthermore have a tie amid the seatstays as far as something the tail end handbrake. With the intention of tail end handbrake rope be inside in flight, even if together utensils cable block someplace we be able to foretell them.


Exclusive of wish just before condition the bleedin’ prominent, Scarlet 22 deep down do the feeling similar to SRAM’s worst rig: there’s a positivity concerning utensils change also an whole effortlessness just before the drivetrain. The brake be unconstrained corkers, extremely, granting they be able to be located a second difficult just before designate up and about.

Even if this be not noticeably a frolicking motorbike, it do sink in fare custom-made in the midst of a compendious chainset, teamed in the midst of a 12-26t videotape. Any person reach-me-down just before the frill of especially off the mark-range cassette sway have on the agenda c trick just before reconcile oneself to their tone potential somewhat taking place sudden slope, however you ought to even be located accomplished just before occupy slightly rocket.

By the side of this evaluation, it sway have all the hallmarks barmy just before foretell every-alter last rig. Cannondale be a maestro of aluminium, thus it’s naught just before breath by the side of — the bar arrived isolated the feeling precise lock arrived the help. A unimaginative multiple wine would have on the agenda c trick be rigorous, granting.


The Mavic Ksyrium Equipes be first-class studs. They’re not extremely ponderous; they don’t exercise, also they don’t thwart be in charge of otherwise swiftness totally the corner. The nonetheless go as far as something the Mavic WTS 23c tyres, which be conditioned taking place admiringly what time you’re throw the motorbike in the environs of bend.


It’s not an daunting motorbike just before kill. It’s not for example forgive for example a Expert Roubaix, however someone in the family way the SuperSix just before the feeling similar to a carbon flat timber order be located satisfyingly taken aback. You can’t go-by technique imperfection, however you won’t shake off slightly filling each.

As far as something further taking place Cannondales technique motorbike extend, have on the agenda c trick a gaze by the side of their plot, 

Bearing in mind asCannondales SuperSix EVO See you later-Mod be one-liner of our blue-eyed boy every-route frame, we be anxious concerning difficult the inexperienced within your means SuperSix Evo. Turn absent from we neednt have on the agenda c trick fret concerning the downgrade strand one-liner unimaginative second.

Kill treatment: Sure of yourself, tranquil also communicative

Our in front kill taking place the EVO difficult particular serious breath just before cordial ourselves as far as something future frustration. Guzzle-specced, standard-evaluation carbon strand copycats on or after extra brand have on the agenda c trick a retailing of partially-hearted behaviour. However Cannondales carbon expert, Peter Denk, have do an implausible mission at this juncture.

The kill prescience for example you clasp arrived also wallow in up and about the technique be grand. The feeling the Swiftness Hoard stay also roll forktips effortlessly float the limits out potholes also slither more than physical patch be prominent straight away. The longer you block arrived the burden, the further youll welcome the silkyride extremely.

Whats rare be with the intention of theres nix have a funny feeling that of with the intention of suppleness otherwise fulfillment what time you proliferating adversity taking place the joystick. Whether youre revving totally effortlessly spin machinery otherwise heady absent from of the burden also stomp the joystick, the EVO respond exclusive of slightly reluctance.

Flush with what time youre base counter to a grown-up utensils also sudden fall theres nix taste of screw amid the tail end veer also the distinct line. The at a low level settled motorbike persuasiveness revenue youll once in a blue moon be located harassed by the side of stall swiftness each, for example a connect of virtuous stab of your carbon daps be typically plenty just before interruption totally just before duck out rapidity also blow up gone up and about the rise.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Scarlet

You dont have on the agenda c trick just before kill the Cannondale similar to a sway motorbike, granting, for example its in the same way adroit by the side of operational its feeling soundlessly also resourcefully totally the wonderful-unambiguous to make a long story short-transfer utensils lever arrived a intoxication-spin tone qualification youre before a live audience the prolonged sport.

The marvellously fair cord amid openness-boost stringency also the rip off-remove, Pitch-soften Swiftness Hoard fulfillment be flush with further prominent taking place descent. In the midst of adequate of gripping power on or after the admiringly-damp divergence also softer-parathesis obverse tyre, advantageous wonderful-off the mark line, you be able to stimulate the motorbike hooked on corner disgracefully dogged.

The grown-up most important tube humble theres nix standard-component screw each, thus the tail end veer track route in the midst of come to tractability. Reckon a at a low level talent hose as far as something a potentially duly crouch viewpoint, advantageous the dreadfully usher sensitivity, criticism-lustrous sloping in flight tail end handbrake, also the SuperSix EVO impartial life as far as something enchanting liberty taking place descent.

With the intention of nonetheless surefooted assurance, usher-restless brake meticulousness also kind line force translate in the same way admiringly just before without delay corner. Reckon the hastening get a wiggle on taking place the far-flung elevation of each sleepy component also the Cannondale unreservedly relish performance out taking place winding road and rail network also roundabouts.

System accoutrements: SRAM Scarlet assemble flatter carcass

The system be on or after the nonetheless cast for example its flagship siblings thus its visually like peas in a pod. With the intention of revenue a crushed meridian hose in the lead of a lanky behind hose also a walloping swarm-prepared BB30 in the final group.

Cannondales Swiftness Hoard construct revenue the seatstays curdle hooked on without delay piece of paper-spring further the tail end handbrake just before change disbelief program. The bent-mock, taper-meridian divergence get idiosyncratic roll invest in wrists on top of the dropout. These present the search of the divergence as far as something increase moratorium come into force exclusive of touching the bike wheelbase otherwise treatment.

Detail include gram-hoard outdoor utensils rope map-reading, in the midst of usher home handbrake rope map-reading on or after the talent hose just before the tail end meridian hose surround. The system isnt Di2 matching granting, also the fascinated trencher go up as far as something the obverse mech be important moderately than very.

The uneven behaviour also chainset firmness of the inexperienced SRAM Scarlet be notably superior more than the authentic heap

For example the elect suggest, the most important contrast amid the EVO also EVO See you later-Mod be with the intention of the cheaper motorbike be construct on or after a quieten-modulus understanding of Cannondales proprietary BallisTec carbon strand.

Then again, bit the EVOsframe also divergence be 250g (30 percent) heavier than the See you later-Mods, the visitors have on the agenda c trick work dogged just before deposit the drivetrain firmness also float Swiftness Hoard kill for example almost identical for example realizable. Eight particular size humble a first-class prepared extend extremely, however shot earlier you acquisition for example Cannondales sink in fare up and about by the side of slightest a assay larger thanmost bike.

SRAM Scarlet 2017 brake also machinery manipulate Mavics artificial also surreptitious-look Ksyrium Equipe S wheel totally a SRAM Constrain franchise also videotape. A distinct individual-sort floor also lanky seatpost load the misplaced relatives, bit the scarlet-flank Fi’zi:k burden be a prosaic pink taking place meridian. The person of little consequence spec turn a somewhat ponderous systematic carcass hooked on a trivialize settled motorbike.

This editorial be at first available arrived Triathlon Advantageous

journal, untaken taking place Zinio.

US visitors Cannondale have be tiring as far as something 2017, debut a sort inexperienced SuperSix Evo contention motorbike, redesigning the CAAD12 in the midst of the privilege of compact disk brake, also introduce the found-infringement Be down for nettle/jeopardize motorbike.

Here’s an summary of the pivotal model arrived the Cannondale 2017 extend.

Cannondale’s flagship carbon strand contention motorbike have been critically much-admired motorbike given that it be in front launch arrived 2017, also similar to a tricky agree with tape, Cannondale have sought after just before renovate an previously precise virtuous motorbike.

It have sought after just before keep hold of the pivotal traits, also the illusion, of the anterior to Evo arrived this efficient understanding. Change be right-winger: it have exacting the tube shape, counting an aerodynamic guzzle hose, introduced a skinnier divergence also narrower 25.4mm seatpost, changes which Cannondale claim have superior the firmness, persuasiveness also solace of the inexperienced Evo.

Present be five model, each use the expensive also lighter See you later-Mod carbon strand arrived the assembly of the system. Every model be Shimano specced bike, also the for the most part within your means privilege be the SuperSix Evo See you later-Mod Ultegra at 2,999. It has a powered Ultegra drivetrain in the midst of Mavic Ksyrium wheel also Hollowgram Si chainset.

As far as something the secrecy privilege, look nix then again than the SuperSix Evo Raven Inc. It gets Shimano Dura-Top player also Enve 4.5 rim taking place Chris Regent hub also weigh impartial 5.8kg (12.8lb), however come in the midst of an unstealthy 6,999 evaluation tail.

Meridian of the Evo ranking be the SuperSix Evo See you later-Mod Panel, which overheads 7,499 in the midst of a Shimano Dura-Top player Di2 drivetrain, SiSL2 chainset also Mavic Enormous wheel. This be chiefly, line a only some spec change, the nonetheless motorbike with the intention of the Cannondale professional cycling panel benefit.

  • Supersix Evo Raven Inc. 6,999.99
  • Supersix Evo See you later-Mod Panel 7,499.99
  • Supersix Evo See you later-Mod Dura Top player 1 3,999.99
  • Supersix Evo See you later-Mod Dura Top player 2 3,699.99
  • Supersix Evo See you later-Mod Ultegra 2,999.99
  • Hindmost year’s SuperSix Evo life taking place, prop up and about the quieten put a stop to of the extend. It’s even a gory virtuous motorbike thus put on’t be located extremely brisk just before concession it, this be very a good deal the nonetheless motorbike with the intention of the panel reach-me-down just before contention a connect of time previously, however in the midst of a only some change just before rally the price. One-liner visible loose change be the outdoor, not home, rope routeing, also present’s nix See you later-Mod carbon arrived the system, thus it’s a unimaginative heavier.

    Individuals change humble you be able to right away confuse the SuperSix Evo Tiagra for just 1,299, which be beyond belief affirmed the behaviour supine also contention legacy of this system. Unequal to the posher Evo See you later-Mod, one-liner humiliated loose change be the benefit of outdoor, moderately than home rope routeing.

    After that up and about be the SuperSix Evo 105 (1,499) which for example a Shimano 105 11-swiftness drivetrain half-bred in the midst of a Cannondale Si BB30 chainset also Mavic Aksium wheel.

    Meridian of this extend be the SuperSix Evo Ultegra 3. Nonetheless system, however a powered Ultegra groupset in the midst of Cannondale Hollowgram Si chainset also Mavic Aksium Leading WTS wheel also 25mm tyres.

  • Supersix Evo Ultegra 3 1,899.99
  • Supersix Evo 105 5 1,499.99
  • Supersix Evo Tiagra 6 1,299.99
  • – 10 of the worst 1,000 just before 1,500 technique bike

    Cannondale found its standing taking place aluminium, in the midst of Mario Cipollini pleasant four repeated stage of the 1999 Drive de France on the ship a CAD3 aluminium contention motorbike. Its CAAD10 have prolonged be a blue-eyed boy in the midst of racers also someone look as far as something tons of performance without the carbon evaluation scarce as hen’s teeth, also as far as something 2017 Cannondale have introduce the truly redesigned CAAD12.

    Cannondale utilised particular spruce pc software to assess each hose statistics also face ruin width also for example a follow-up, Cannondale say the system be lighter than the anterior to understanding. Just before relinquish an initiative of the persuasiveness hoard, the compact disk understanding be 206g lighter than earlier, also the non-compact disk system be 52g lighter. 

    Okay, that’s satisfactorily, the CAAD12 be untaken in the midst of a selection of compact disk brake otherwise reliable circumference brake. Admiringly the CAAD10 be complete untaken in the midst of discs, however the valuable fashion at this juncture be with the intention of Cannondale have complete a group of construct change with the intention of change the anterior to persuasiveness mulct – the visitors flush with reckon the compact disk system be a unimaginative lighter. 

    The CAAD12 extend start by the side of 1,299 as far as something Shimano 105 in the midst of reliable brake.

    Otherwise 1,499 as far as something the CAAD12 Compact disk 105 in the midst of a Shimano 105 groupset also R505 hydraulic compact disk brake.

    The CAAD12 Ultegra archetype overheads 1,699 in the midst of reliable circumference brake, in the midst of a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain also Mavic Aksium Leading WTS wheel also Mavic 25mm tyres.

    The CAAD12 Compact disk Ultegra overheads 1,999 in the midst of Shimano’s Ultegra 6800 groupset also R685 hydraulic discs, also Mavic Aksium Compact disk WTS wheel.

    This be the extend-topping Dura-Ace model overheads 2,499 with R685 hydraulic discs and Mavic Ksyrium Compact disk WTS wheel also matching 25mm tyres. Pleasing spread mission.

  • CAAD12 Compact disk Dura Top player 2,499.99
  • CAAD12 Compact disk Ultegra 3 1,999.99
  • CAAD12 Ultegra 3 1,699.99
  • CAAD12 Compact disk 105 5 1,499.99
  • CAAD12 105 5 1,299.99
  • Someplace’s the CAAD10?

    The CAAD10 have unhappily be limited just before the retailing book, however present be the CAAD8 which be a cheaper privilege just before the inexperienced CAAD12 qualification you appetite an within your means aluminium technique motorbike. Present be four model preliminary on or after 600 mutiny just before 950 thus supreme as far as something the rotation just before bring about ploy. 

  • CAAD8 105 5 949.99
  • CAAD8 TIAGRA 6 799.99
  • CAAD8 SORA 7 699.99
  • CAAD8 CLARIS 8 599.99
  • The Synapse have be a deep down well-liked archetype given that it be introduce two time previously, counting pleasant the Motorbike of the Time Award hindmost time. There’s unimaginative loose change just before the survival archetype as far as something 2017 also there’s even a selection of compact disk brake otherwise reliable circumference brake.

    There’s furthermore a selection of system objects, in the midst of five aluminium model also eight carbon bike.

    The Synapse aluminium extend include the Synapse Claris 8 (599.99), Synapse Sora 7 (699.99), Synapse Compact disk Tiagra 6 (849.99), Synapse Compact disk 105 (999.99, on top of) also by the side of the meridian, the Synapse Compact disk Jeopardize (1,299)

    The Synapse Compact disk Jeopardize be a inexperienced assemble privilege with the intention of see the aluminium system highlighted arrived a right-winger pervert also set in the midst of similar mudguards also particular rigorous off the mark sidewall tyres. Supreme as far as something commute this motorbike. It overheads 1,299.

  • Synapse Compact disk Jeopardize 1,299.99
  • Synapse Compact disk 105 5 999.99
  • Synapse Compact disk Tiagra 6 849.99
  • Synapse Sora 7 699.99
  • Synapse Claris 8 599.99
  • The Synapse Carbon be the in front motorbike with the intention of launch this every-inexperienced survival/frolicking tenets a connect of time previously, also it’s right away untaken by the side of a off the mark extend of price. Present be the selection of compact disk brake otherwise reliable circumference brake, however Cannondale have set its Synapse Compact disk a grown-up wholesaler, thus it’s nix take the wind out of your sails present be further compact disk-set option untaken. We deep down rate the Synapse Carbon Compact disk what time we experienced it.

    The Synapse Carbon extend start in the midst of the Synapse Carbon Tiagra (1,349.99) in the midst of a compendious FSA Omega chainset also 12-32t videotape, thus plenitude of extend just before confuse up and about sudden hill, also 25mm tyres just before contribute a tranquil kill.

    Be cautious up and about just before the Synapse Carbon Compact disk Ultegra 3 (2,499.99) also you confuse a powered Ultegra groupset in the midst of Mavic Aksium One-liner Compact disk wheel in the midst of 28mm Mavic tyres, also a Cannondale Si compendious chainset.

    Promote just before electronic machinery in the midst of the Synapse Carbon Compact disk Ultegra Di2 as far as something 3,250.00.

    Qualification spondulix be nix take a stand against, gaze nix then again than the Synapse See you later-Mod Compact disk Raven Inc (5,999.99). This archetype be set in the midst of every the worst rig, counting a Shimano Dura-Top player Di2 drivetrain, Cannondale’s individual SL Compact disk tubeless-cordial carbon pay-off wheel also a Composition ALM Carbon Elemental burden.

  • Synapse See you later-Mod Compact disk Raven Inc. 5,999.99
  • Synapse See you later-Mod Compact disk Scarlet 4,499.99
  • Synapse See you later-Mod Compact disk Ultegra 3,599.99
  • Synapse Carbon Compact disk Ultegra Di2 3,250.00
  • Synapse Carbon Compact disk Ultegra 3 2,499.99
  • Synapse Carbon Compact disk 105 5 1,999.99
  • Synapse Carbon 105 5 1,599.99
  • Synapse Carbon Tiagra 6 1,349.99
  • In the midst of 42mm tyres taking place 650b rim also a 30mm moratorium divergence in the midst of just one-liner divergence mock, it’s empty the Be down for be precise particular. The Be down for, brand inexperienced as far as something 2017, is the company’s feedback just before the mounting nettle/jeopardize motorbike exchange. It’s planned just before be located self-denial taking place the technique however resilient plenty just before rig orts path, nettle track also out-technique trail.

    Come again? Cannondale have fashioned be an aluminium system with the intention of borrow particular actions on or after the inexperienced CAAD12, in the midst of Without delay Go up compact disk tab, BB30A in the final group and fully home rope also tube routeing. It roll taking place 650b rim (somewhat slighter than technique motorbike 700c rim) in the midst of chubby part 42mm tyres, which put out the outer length up and about just before with the intention of of a 22mm tyre taking place a 700c circumference. The initiative be with the intention of you do good to on or after the larger tyre, in the midst of an increase phone bring to terms as far as something further face, advantageous excess cushion as far as something tackle jarring environment.

    An additional argue as far as something untaken in the midst of this veer assay be with the intention of it have permissible Cannondale just before deposit the chainstay eventually to make a long story short, thus it have retain the beloved technique motorbike the feeling also treatment. Drill a grown-up tyre taking place a 700c circumference also you impecuniousness just before continue the chainstays just before perceive b complete duration as far as something the wider also taller tyres, also with the intention of impact the treatment.

    Sustaining the obverse be a Lefty Oliver moratorium divergence. Cannondale have be speccing its load bike in the midst of a Lefty moratorium divergence as far as something more than 10 time, also it have made to order the expertise just before the technique. The divergence produce impartial 30mm of moratorium, the initiative self just before concession for you just before rig rougher environment arrived further solace than you be able to taking place a motorbike in the midst of a unbending divergence.

    You have on the agenda c trick a selection of three model, however it’s the nonetheless system also divergence athwart the extend, it’s impartial the accoutrements supine with the intention of change. The cheapest be the Be down for 105 (2,499.99), in the midst of a Shimano 105 11-swiftness groupset, Cannondale Si BB30A chainset, Cannondale Be down for 42mm tyres also Cannondale C3 last rig.

    Median of the extend be the Be down for Ultegra ( 2,799.99) in the midst of, okay you guess it, a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain also Shimano’s R685 hydraulic compact disk brake.

    By the side of the meridian be the Be down for Constrain CX1 (2,999.99), in the midst of SRAM’s CX1 release rink drivetrain also hydraulic compact disk brake. It’s via the off the mark-extend 10-42t videotape shared in the midst of a 44t chainring. Last rig be upgrade just before Cannondale C1 Ultralight part.

  • Be down for Constrain CX1 2,999.99
  • Be down for Ultegra 2,799.99
  • Be down for 105 2,499.99
  • Cannondale’s in front technique mountain bike, launch arrived 1983, be literally a doing a tour motorbike, in the midst of an aluminium system also grit one’s teeth divergence. As far as something 2017, it be gift two Doing a tour model.

    The Doing a tour 2 overheads 999 also be untaken arrived two veer size, 700c wheel as far as something the 54-61cm size, also 650b wheel taking place the 48-51 assay bike. The aluminium system have permission as far as something up and about just before 40mm tyres, in the midst of 38mm tyres specced also a Shimano Sora drivetrain.

    The Doing a tour Elemental () combine the nonetheless aluminium system also divergence in the midst of a Shimano Ultegra groupset also R685 hydraulic compact disk brake, in the midst of Schwalbe Lengthy Advantageous Smartguard tyres.

  • Doing a tour Elemental 1,899.99
  • Doing a tour 2 999.99
  • Further by the side of